If you are struggling with calluses, you can do the following: Soak your feet every night in hot water and dry them thoroughly. Apply yellow waghries to cloth and sprinkle table salt on it. Bind it your foot and go to be with it still on. Repeat the process until the callus is gone. Pour 1 cup of salt in…

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Winter hands and athlete’s foot

If you experience problems with winter hands and athlete's foot, you have a couple of solutions: If it is ripe in the morning, you can walk barefoot in the frost and rub your hands on the grass where it is ripe. This helps for painful winter hands and athlete's foot. Pour half a cup of milk, juice of 1 lemon,…

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If you are struggling with warts on your body, the following may help: No. Remedy 1 Scratch the warts open and sprinkle fine table salt in it. 2 Make a piece of charcoal fine and mix it with fresh cream until it is creamy. Apply this to the wart 2 times per day. 3 Mix a little salt and vinegar.…

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If you are struggling with eczema, the following tips may help: No. Remedy 1 Use ointment containing zinc. 2 Use 2 rooibos tea bags in your bathwater every day. 3 Use Vaseline to rub your face with. 4 Spread your body with acqueous cream, bath yourself with the cream and wash it off.

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If you have bedsores, the following may help: No. Remedy 1 Throw little brandy over quince pips and let it stand a while until it becomes a jelly form. Spread the affected person with the jelly. 2 Beat one egg white and add brandy. Spread on the sores. 3 Let the person lay on tanned skin. 4 Take Prep and…

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