The Boer War

It is very simple to understand the Boer war. All wars happen for a reason. The Dutch speaking boer nation had their own independent country, the ZAR. Simple God fearing religious and racially exclusive people. Their country was legitimate. Gold was discovered in their country and the entire world descended upon their country. These gold fevered, greedy and desperate foreigners…

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Waar kom Boere vandaan?

Boere kom nie van Jan van Riebeeck af nie. Jan van Riebeeck word ook slegs gebruik omdat elke storie iewers moet begin en glad nie omdat enige afstammeling van van Riebeeck ooit relevant was of is nie. Sou van Riebeeck nie self Suidelike Afrika toe gereis het nie, sou die VOC iemand anders gestuur het en met inagname dat van…

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Daniel Christiaan Esterhuyse

1814: Swellendam. The birth of the first boer poet Daniel Christiaan Esterhuyse. Daniel Esterhuyse grew up extremely poor, he did receive formal schooling, for a total of nine weeks after which he accepted gainful employment on the farm of a well respected farmer. He was a lowly farm worker but he worked so very hard that he later purchased the…

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Originally the Afrikaans word "dolos" is derived from Dutch, from the word Dollen and Os, Os is Ox. Dollen means to fool around, playing or teasing. Kids where playing a game which they called "bot gooien" or bone throwing, which referred to the throwing of ox bones (indawule) as used by traditional healers (inyanga) and which the kids had adapted…

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