Griep en Verkoue

Griep is 'n baie aansteeklike virus en is baie erger as 'n gewone verkoue. baie van die simptome van griep is baie dieselfde as die van verkoue maar verkoues is nie virusse nie. Daar is vier hoof groepe griep virusse, hulle word A, B, C en D genoem. Onder die Groepe A en B val ook die gewone jaarlikse griep.…

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If you should encounter any problems with coughing, you can try the following: No. Remedy 1 If you need a cough mixture, mix honey in water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. 2 Mix 1 bottle of honey with the following Lennon products: 1 bottle "Pepermentdruppels", 1 bottle "Borsdruppels", 1 bottle of Jamaica Ginger, 1 bottle Turlington, 1 bottle…

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General chest problems

The following home remedies may help you with any general chest problems that you might have: No. Remedy 1 If your chest is wheezing and anxious, rub some Zambuck ointment on the chest or on a cloth that you put on the chest. Keep warm. This will help to provide some relief. 2 The following mixture may help you with…

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Colds and Flu

Colds and Flu

The following home remedies may help you if you suffer from colds and flu: No. Remedy 1 If you have cold hands, grab onto your wrists. Your hands will be warm soon. 2 If you use honey regularly, it will help you avoid colds and flu. Honey is a natural defence against germs. 3 Mix 1 bottle peppermint drops, 1…

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