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The Boer War

It is very simple to understand the Boer war. All wars happen for a reason.

The Dutch speaking boer nation had their own independent country, the ZAR. Simple God fearing religious and racially exclusive people. Their country was legitimate.The_South_African_Republic

Gold was discovered in their country and the entire world descended upon their country. These gold fevered, greedy and desperate foreigners ignored the boer laws and basically took over the boer country simply by their number.

A bad and cowardly country called England invaded the Boer country, wanting the gold. The boers fought bravely and refused to give up. This huge, world dominating country then started killing the boer fighters little babies, woman and children in concentration camps. (probably giving Hitler the idea some years later) These British contravened several articles of the Hague convention.signed by the very same British in July 1899. This convention defined war crimes in International law. To this day, neither of the Boer countries have had any justice.

The Boer people fought, against overwhelming odds, from 1899 but because of the British ruthless animals killing women and little children, during May 1902, The boers gave up. The Boers were broken and those that did not leave the continent, was simply absorbed into other cultures over time. Language, church and culture was overtaken and completely ceased to exist.  The general Afrikaans history was adopted in such a fashion as to engender false Afrikaner Nationalistic pride. To teach modern Afrikaners that because of their history of struggle and fighting the “Great British Nation”, and because they have so many Afrikaner heroes to be proud of, that they are the God’s chosen people. Ask any A\modern day Afrikaner about “Gelofte dag” and you will be told in no uncertain terms that it is “Afrikaner history” This re-writing or re-phrasing of history was done in such a fashion that the average present day Afrikaner would consider himself as much of a Boer as an Afrikaner. Whereas that is not even close to the truth. The real Boers have in truth become extinct and no longer exist, thanks to the British and Cape Afrikaner agendas.