If you should encounter any problems with coughing, you can try the following: No. Remedy 1 If you need a cough mixture, mix honey in water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. 2 Mix 1 bottle of honey with the following Lennon products: 1 bottle "Pepermentdruppels", 1 bottle "Borsdruppels", 1 bottle of Jamaica Ginger, 1 bottle Turlington, 1 bottle…

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General chest problems

The following home remedies may help you with any general chest problems that you might have: No. Remedy 1 If your chest is wheezing and anxious, rub some Zambuck ointment on the chest or on a cloth that you put on the chest. Keep warm. This will help to provide some relief. 2 The following mixture may help you with…

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