If you may be suffering from anemia, the following traditional methods may help you:

  • If you regularly eat bananas that are low in salt, it can help to regulate your blood pressure. Make a milkshake of banana with milk and add honey. The banana calms and it will regulate the stomach while countering the risk of stroke. Together with the honey, it builds up your blood sugar while the milk soothes the stomach and hydrates the system of anemia.
  • Eat lots of liver.
  • Eat raisins regularly.
  • Eating black liquorice. Please note that it must be black because the others have too much sugar, and sugar lowers your blood pressure.
  • Use honey because it is a blood fortifier. The darker the honey, the more minerals it contains.
  • Grate 4 raw beetroot and put it in a jam jar. Pour 1 bottle of wine over it and stir well. Add a bottle of “Lennon’s Versterkdrubbels” and let it stand overnight. Pour it through a cloth and store the liquid in the refrigerator. Drink a quarter cup of the mixture, 3 times a day.