The following tips may help you if you suffer from headaches:



1 Wet a facecloth with vinegar and sprinkle it with fine cinnamon. Then put the cloth against your forehead.
2 Make tufts and put it into balsemvita. Put the tufts in the ear and put some balsemvita on the temples.
3 Mix 1 tablespoon of castor oil abd 1 tablespoonparrafin. Spread in on the top of the head. Go lie down for a while.
4 Mix 1 pack of English salt, 1 bottle of red powder or 1 packet if cream of tarter and 1 tablespoon crushed alum. Take a knife-edge full and throw it on the tongue 3 times daily.
5 Pull rosemary as a strong tea and sweeten it with honey.
6 For a migraines: throw a tablespoon of honey in a half glass of warm water.